IT advertising services

Our publishers get maximum security. Your audience will never be affected by malware or unsanctioned advertising.

Our traffic comes directly from credible websites which allows us to be fully responsible for the quality and caters for billions of impressions monthly from Asian Countries, Middle East, Africa, CIS and Tier-1 etc. Annual traffic growth rate is more than 400%.

Our advertisers get a variety of effective and profitable ad formats. Besides the trusted sources, our own anti-adblock and malware defeating solution guarantees lack of absence of fraud or covert manipulation. All advertisers can choose a price model that suits them best: CPA, CPM or CPC.

Our team strongly believes that our development and success directly depends on the development and success of our partners. That’s why we are always on hand to give advice and share our experience.

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CLOUD DATA EOOD on the Market

CLOUD DATA EOOD is an expert in developing, building and support of customer IT infrastructure.

We offers:

1. Consulting services
Analysis, design and deployment
Dedicated system engineer

2. Technical support services

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Software development

We specialize in creating unique software for large and medium-sized companies.

We will help in:
Computer vision and machine learning tasks.
Development of mobile applications.
Creation of web portals, marketplaces and control systems.
Integration of highly loaded services.
Development of software for business automation.

We use reliable technologies that will not become obsolete:
Java, Spring, Python, Node.js, .NET Core
React, Angular, TypeScript.
Android SDK/NDK, iOS, Swift, Unity, React native.
MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, Oracle.

PC components

Individual approach to each client
Each corporate client is assigned a personal manager who will always help to choose
the most effective solution that meets all the wishes of corporate business
Full cycle
from the supply of IT equipment to the launch of any information systems
Selection, sale, installation, support of any software


We are always ready to answer your questions related to computer equipment and software malfunctions. If you have a small problem, we will try to help you solve it, and you may not have to call a computer wizard.


Web design includes both the creation of online advertising and the website itself. Banner advertising more often resembles outdoor advertising than regular print advertising, because the small size of the banner imposes strict requirements on the designer and forces him to make advertising concise and understandable, attracting attention and arousing curiosity in order to stimulate a quick reaction in the form of a mouse click.

Designers know that websites, especially their front pages, should be designed according to the principle of advertising posters. The visual elements should attract the eye, the loading time should be minimal. You should choose simple fonts: use only one or two fonts and avoid using only uppercase letters and omissions that make it difficult to read. Since there is usually a lot of textual information on the site, it is best to use a black font on a sharply contrasting background to facilitate reading. All elements – font and image - should be made large enough to be clearly visible even on a small screen.